Let’s face it – the majority of the stress in your day comes through your phone. Checking updates, getting stuck on Slack, doom scrolling. All of that creates stress up situations and the last thing anyone needs is heightened stress. So instead of using your phone as a tool to increase your anxiety, use it for good by choosing instead to engage in one of the many mindfulness meditation apps that are available. Too hard to decide which one? Here’s some suggestions, and they’re all free so you don’t have to stress out about paying for stuff that’s supposed to calm you down.

Your first impression of the Smiling Mind app may be “Hey, this is for kids!” and you’d be right. It was originally created for children and that’s why this app is so user friendly. The vision of this Australian non-profit is “to help every mind thrive” and to that end they have created a community so everyone can engage in stress reduction practices.

Once you create your account you’ll have access to the home page for suggestions of programs to get you started. Choose Explore for a variety of categories and More to set daily reminders and wellbeing check-ins to monitor your progress. This is an app built for you to use for your own well-being and to share with your family for theirs.

The Healthy Minds Program app comes to you from The Center for Healthy Minds research institute and combines “neuroscience, contemplative traditions, and skill-based learning methods to help you develop the skills for a healthy mind”. Its podcast style lessons guide you through seated and active meditations categorized into four pillars of healing: Foundations, Awareness, Connection and Insight.

Creating a private account allows you to access the program and save your progress. The Explore feature gives suggestions for daily meditations to reduce stress and micro meditations for when you need a quick break. There’s a setting for daily reminders and an unguided practice timer if you prefer a silent space to meditate.

Developed by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA Mindful is a simple to use, straight forward app that can get you started on reducing your stress right away. Their mission to foster mindful awareness is fueled by scientific research that shows mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being.

There are starter videos to help you choose a meditation and the posture that’s best for you. Basic Meditations come in a variety of lengths and multiple languages. There are Health and Wellness Meditations, podcasts, and you can even join a free live guided meditation session once a week. And for you sound bath fans, there’s a Tibetan Singing Bowls meditation.

Whether you’re looking for soothing sounds for sleep or support with breathwork, Insight Timer has a huge library of options for you to choose from. Known primarily for their self-guided meditation timer it also has a wide range of options for you to experience guided meditations for everything from improving your sleep to lowering stress and anxiety.

There’s a place to journal, do self check-ins and for beginners a section on learning to meditate. You can search through a host of interest topics for specific courses and participate in live sessions. Speaking of which, there’s live session yoga classes, plus yoga courses and yoga music you can use for your own routines.

Use the power of your phone for something good. Instead of it being the source of your stress it can be the source of your stress reduction. It’s supposed to be a tool to make our lives easier so let’s use it that way. When you do, maybe the next time you hear an alert you’ll be relieved to see that it’s your daily reminder to do something for yourself.


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