A recovery coach facilitates the actions necessary to aid an individual in remaining free from drugs, alcohol and other self-harming actions or addictions. Whether a client has just been discharged from a residential treatment center; is currently residing in a sober living/outpatient day program; or, is living on his or her own and facing a difficult transition process, Cindy and her team are here to help.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

A recovery coach supports a client through life’s everyday challenges, such as returning to work or finding a new job; reconnecting with friends or family; establishing healthier routines and tools; and, outlining new goals for the life this individual chooses for him or herself. A newly-sober life is filled with similar stressors and frustrations that life prior to getting treatment also had. However, these stressors can serve as triggers, which can push a client to return to habits that he or she wishes to remain free of.

More on Recovery Coaching

Part of a recovery coach’s role in this individual’s life is to facilitate positive change through goals, actionable steps, support, and tools for a healthier mind and body; while keeping the transition and the steps needed to make these changes less stressful and more manageable.

Part of the work will include , private and confidential one-hour sessions . The location of these meetings will be determined on the stage a client is in his or her own sobriety and the issues the client is currently working toward in his or her own life. Cindy is available by phone 24/7, 7 days a week.

Recovery coaching is also available for family members of the loved one , as well. At times, Cindy has met with the partners, parents and children of the newly sober to help the parties adjust to the circumstances of a recovering individual and to help identify and resolve the residual feelings of having lived a life watching their loved one struggle with addiction.


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