Meet Cindy Feinberg.

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New York Recovery Coach | Sober Coach

Cindy Feinberg (CPC, CAI) is the founder and president of The Recovery Coach NY LLC, a private case management company that integrates the following services:

  • Recovery & Mental Health Coaching

  • Sober Companion

  • Safe Transport

  • Intervention and Emergency Services
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Academic Coaching

All services offered for substance use and mental health related issues. We work with the individual as well as the whole family. As an interventionist, recovery, and lifestyle coach, Cindy and her incomparable team facilitate the actions necessary to aid an individual in remaining free from the despair of active addiction, as well as other co-occurring self-harming actions and disorders.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a program developed by Cindy Feinberg, CPC, based on the philosophical theory of holism: the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave. Cindy doesn’t just aim to treat the obvious symptoms at hand, but the greater system influencing the individual client. Successful emotional health cannot be attained nor maintained when an individual is treated as the sole patient. Instead, Cindy has found that a complex system of the environment outside of treatment is important.

People lead healthier lives when those who love them receive support and coaching as well. In most cases of addiction, family members and loved ones become co-dependent, enmeshed, and enable cycles of addiction. With Cindy’s recovery coaching method, the extended family unit becomes an essential part of recovery and a healthy sober lifestyle. This in turn helps the healing process for the client and their families. Facilitating a consistent road of wellness and recovery; we begin the process of ending years of confusion, distrust and frustration.

Professional Partners & Associations

Cindy Feinberg speaks with Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation

Photo of Cindy Feinberg, CPC

Cindy’s Experience and Expertise

Cindy’s notable training and certifications over the years is the reason why The Recovery Coach NY has become the leading case management provider in mental health support services. Cindy incorporates Brad Lamm’s Life Style method of intervention, Andrew Tatarsky’s method of Harm Reduction and training in CRAFT (Community and Reinforcement and Family Training) gives her the tools to effectively work with families for life-long change.

Cindy’s schooling in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and certification as a Cognitive Behavioral coach allows her to employ an integrative approach to help enable clients to achieve realistic goals through a combination of cognitive, behavioral, imaginal and problem solving techniques and strategies. Her accreditation with the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry provides insight into the newest techniques used by professionals throughout the country. Recently trained through Fluence and impassioned about Psychedelic Integration Coaching, contact Cindy to learn more about the benefits of Integration.

Additionally, Cindy’s is a certified nutrition coach through Keri Glassman’s Nutrious Life program, allowing her to provide a fully-encompassing lifestyle approach.

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