Reliable Sober Transport

Navigating physical transitions from one appointment to the next can be difficult, especially in a large city such as New York. Cindy and her team are committed to ensuring that individuals’ transportation needs are not only met, but exceeded when traveling to and from locations.

Conscious Transportation

Triggers can appear suddenly and without notice, which can be taxing for the newly recovering individual. Cindy’s team makes sure that clients are equipped to handle these as they head from one treatment to the next.

Your Hand in Ours

Providing reliable sober transport support to clients is of utmost importance to Cindy and her team. Their approach is gentle, caring, safe, and emotionally warm, figuratively holding the clients hands as needed without a stifling, controlling approach.

Sobriety & Mental Health Companionship

We have coaches available to offer companionship 24/7. Our coaches maintain safety, assist with daily living skills and provide opportunities for clients to return as active participants in their community.

Support & Guidance

A sober companion offers invaluable support and guidance for individuals navigating the challenging journey of recovery from addiction. By providing one-on-one assistance, encouragement, and accountability, these companions help clients maintain sobriety.

With a sober companion by their side, clients are better equipped to rebuild relationships, reestablish their careers, and create a fulfilling, substance-free life.

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