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Cindy Feinberg, CPC

Recovery Coach NY offers custom-tailored private recovery services for clients. Founder and president Cindy Feinberg is a recognized leader in the recovery community. She specializes in counseling services for individuals struggling with mental health issues through all stages of recovery.

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Private Recovery & Coaching Services

The Recovery Coaching program developed by Cindy Feinberg, CPC, is based on the philosophical theory of holism: the system as a whole determines how the parts behave.

Cindy doesn’t just aim to treat surface-level issues, but the greater system beneath that is influencing the individual. Her team offers private recovery coaching services that integrate holistic recovery and intensive case management for individual clients and their families in all stages of substance use disorder.

Our Team Approach

Our approach is holistic, collaborative, and designed to address all aspects of care. Cindy, or one of her coaches, acts in tandem with doctors, therapists, and treatment centers to ensure that all aspects of care are consistent with the client’s needs.

Our team oversees client progress, integrating tools that support physical and emotional well-being. We provide the safety, structure, and accountability critical during recovery.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at The Recovery Coach NY is that a life of thriving wellness and happiness is a birthright for everyone.

We believe in and encourage our clients to engage in healthy relationships and a balanced life. These efforts and necessary steps can create lasting serenity, joy, and health.

Plans are custom-tailored to meet each client’s behavioral and recovery needs.

Services Include:

Our clinically supervised recovery coaches support clients from all across the country who struggle with substance use, which can include dual diagnosis and maladaptive behaviors. They work with clients to identify triggers, set and attain goals, create budgets, pursue academic and career options, implement positive changes in nutrition and exercise, and manage crises as they arise.

Cindy’s holistic method of Recovery Coaching goes beyond sobriety coaching to encompass greater mental health support and coaching as needed.

She works with psychiatrists, therapists, sober living and outpatient programs to provide a team approach using referrals where appropriate.

Our coaches assist clients with daily tasks and motivation to set short and long-term goals while collaborating with clinical teams to help clients with everyday tasks.

Examples include: 

  • Effective starts to each day
  • Scheduling and getting to appointments
  • Organizing mail & bills
  • Job searches
  • Self-care (sleep hygiene, diet)
  • Motivation (overcoming procrastination and failure to meet commitments)
We work with families, adolescents, and young adults when students struggle to focus and succeed in and out of the classroom.

As our coaches support and encourage the student, they communicate with the entire support team (parents, therapists, teachers, and tutors) to develop a plan to overcome executive function challenges such as:

  • Time management and organization
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Self-monitoring
  • Setting achievable goals

We have coaches available to offer companionship 24/7. Our coaches maintain safety, assist with daily living skills and provide opportunities for clients to return as active participants in their community.

Our team assists in choosing the appropriate treatment professionals for your needs. We will communicate with providers to report and ensure the treatment plan is appropriately carried out. Other services include:

  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Finding a Sponsor
  • Monitoring and Drug Testing
  • Academic Guidance
  • Nutritional Support
  • Career Guidance

Cindy is certified in psychedelic integration coaching. She facilitates a safe and effective experience for her clients who have chosen to use plant medicine as a part of their healing approach.

When it comes to our Intervention and Emergency Services, there are no secrets, surprises, or ambushes. We use a combination of invitational and structured family intervention models in a gentle manner that meets everyone’s needs.

Recovery & Accountability Coaching

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