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Our philosophy at The Recovery Coach NY is that a life of thriving wellness and happiness is everyone’s birthright. We believe and encourage our clients to engage in healthy relationships and a balanced life. These efforts and necessary steps will pivot them towards lasting serenity, joy, and health.

Our Team Approach

Cindy, or one of her coaches, act in tandem with the client’s doctors, therapists and treatment centers to ensure that all aspects of care are consistent with the client’s needs. Overseeing client’s progress with their individual support team, Cindy and her coaches provide assistance in client’s treatment plans. These are tailored to meet the client’s behavioral and recovery needs. By integrating tools which support the client’s physical and emotional well-being, we provide safety, structure, and accountability.

Services Include:

Our clinically supervised recovery coaches support clients from all across the country who struggle with substance use, which can include dual diagnosis and maladaptive behaviors. They work with clients to identify triggers, set and attain goals, create budgets, pursue academic and career options, implement positive changes in nutrition and exercise, and manage crises as they arise.

When it comes to our Intervention and Emergency Services, there are no secrets, surprises, or ambushes. We use a combination of invitational and structured family intervention models in a gentle manner that meets everyone’s needs.

Our recovery coaches work with clients in a holistic manner to help them with everyday tasks as well as scholastic support and methods to adjust maladaptive behaviors. These behaviors can look like daily schedule, organization, time management, coping strategies, exercise, harm reduction, meditation and healthy communication.

Cindy’s method of Recovery Coaching goes beyond simple sobriety coaching to encompass greater mental health support and coaching as needed.

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