Incorporating Mental Health Services in Recovery Coaching

Cindy’s holistic method of Recovery Coaching goes beyond simple sobriety coaching to encompass greater mental health support and coaching as needed. She works with psychiatrists, therapists, sober living and outpatient programs to provide a team approach, using referrals where appropriate.

Mental Wellness is Crucial

In addition to substance misuse disorder, many individuals also need treatment for co-occurring disorders and ailments that their substance use might have minimized or hurt in other ways. Cindy is happy to guide clients when navigating these other issues so they don’t fall prey to using substances again.

Co-occurring Disorders & Dual Diagnoses

Co-occurring disorders and dual diagnoses are common among those in substance use disorder recovery. While Cindy does not treat or diagnose any mental health conditions or mental illness, she does everything within her means to guide clients towards appropriate additional support for a full continuum of recovery care.

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