An Accountability Coach is a motivator and a problem solver. A collaborator and sounding board who guides you toward reaching your long and short term goals. By utilizing their active listening skills and delivering honest feedback, they help you create a plan of action to set in motion and they hold you to it. They not only keep you on track, they empower you to find the track you need to be on in the first place.

When you start to work with your coach, in conjunction with your clinical team, you’ll discuss what it is you want to accomplish, outline expectations and explore which areas will need the most attention. Next step is setting objectives and establishing goals, like creating a better work-life balance or improving your day-to-day Executive Function skills. You’ll assess your capabilities, identifying strengths that can be built on and weaknesses that need to be worked on. Then, together, you’ll create an action plan with achievable benchmarks to make follow through more of a reality so you can reach those goals.

Next comes the work of putting the plan into motion and your Accountability Coach is there with you every step of the way. As you proceed, actions and outcomes are evaluated to track the effectiveness of your plan. And if something in your plan may not be working out as well as you like? You and your coach will brainstorm to come up with a solution on how you can adjust it in favor of a more satisfying result. This adaptive strategy approach inspires you to grow and continue with your progress.

Working with an Accountability Coach is the ultimate buddy system. Your coach will nudge you on when procrastination creeps in and hold you to your schedule when you get distracted. They inspire you to become more efficient and productive and as you work together you’ll create the positive life changes you’ve been dreaming of.


For more information and to learn more about how you, someone you know or someone you work with can benefit by working on Executive Function skills with an Accountability Coach, you can go to our website or reach out directly to Cindy Feinberg, President of The Recovery Coach NY via phone or text at 631-921-4085 or you can email her here.

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