School’s coming to a close, summer’s almost here, what’s the plan for your kids? Just because formal classes have ended for the season doesn’t mean they should stop learning. In fact, Executive Function (EF) skills can lapse during unscheduled time between spring and fall. It’s important that your kids stay sharp when school is out of session and there’s plenty that can be done this summer to keep them entertained and learning at the same time.

Whether your child is a high schooler, prepping for or home from college, occupy them with educational activities during their down time that promote EF skills. Putting a focus on time management, planning & prioritizing, remembering instructions and goal setting will help boost their concentration and keep them sharp for the academic work that comes when the time for school arrives again.

You and your child can plan fun things that are engaging, mentally stimulating and enjoyable. Volunteering is a great way to strengthen essential EF skills like organization and decision making, plus you can do it together. Brainstorm about topics and causes that are exciting and meaningful to your child so they are interested and enthusiastic about participating.

For your nature lover, search for environmental volunteer opportunities at outdoor spaces in your area. If your child has a desire to help clean up the planet they can work toward that goal by checking with state and national parks about doing water shore or trail trash clean up. Local nature conservancies, botanical gardens and sustainable farming centers may also be places for them to help out. These eco-friendly activities will allow them to become involved in community spaces that they can continue to support in the future.

Got an animal lover? Shelters and rescue organizations may need helping hands during the summer to feed and socialize the dogs and cats so they can find forever homes. Learning how to care for the animals builds retaining and following instruction skills and fosters a sense of responsibility. Added advantage is that working with animals is relaxing and a mood boosting activity.

Doing day trips to historical or scientific sites is a fantastic way for your child to put their planning, organizing and time management skills to work. They can be in charge of investigating destinations, outlining the travel itinerary and establishing a budget for the trip. This is a great exercise for building confidence and improving communication skills. And the reward for a job well done is a day of adventure for you, your child and your family.

And if you need help, an Executive Function Coach could be just the ticket. Cindy’s team of EF Coaches can help your child continue to grow all summer long by engaging in fun and skill strengthening activities with them. Working with you, your child and their team (doctors, therapists, tutors) an EF Coach utilizes your child’s interests to formulate plans for educational activities that can keep their mind fresh and sharp for the next school year. For more information on how an EF Coach can help you and your child, you can contact Cindy here.

Summertime is fun time and kids can enjoy enriching activities whether or not they realize they’re learning while doing. Supporting your child’s Executive Function skills all through the year helps them to be able to navigate the world around them with confidence and enthusiasm. You can all still share in the laid back summer months while continuing to build your child’s learning and living abilities when you incorporate activities that support their Executive Function skills.


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