Excitement about the opportunity to travel and explore again is high. As much as the dreaming and the organizing are all part of the adventure, when you are in recovery so is planning a sober safe trip. Maintaining your recovery must always be top of mind when working out the logistics like arranging transportation and booking accommodations. Your sobriety travels with you so have a plan to keep it secure.

Traveling takes you out of your usual routine which is exciting but also can be risky. It’s important to maintain your self-care practices like yoga, journaling, working out and/or meditating while you’re away from home. Scheduling time to do these in the morning is a great way to help set your intention to sober for the day. If you’re in the habit of attending in-person meetings, find out when and where they’re held at your destination. An added bonus of going to local meetings is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people where you are.

Traveling with a group can be loads of fun, but are you traveling with friends who are supportive of your recovery? It is essential to ensure that everyone is aware that you are not on a vacation from your sobriety. If the people involved aren’t supportive, or you feel uncomfortable talking about your sobriety with them, then perhaps it’s best to re-think your trip and make other plans. Same goes for friends and family you may be planning on visiting. Saying no isn’t backing out or letting people down, it’s ensuring your safety and travel enjoyment.

And be extra careful if you’re choosing to travel alone. While it’s perfectly fine to want to see the world through your own eyes it does open you up to all sorts of unseen temptations. Whether traveling alone or with friends keep in consistent contact with your sponsor, coach or therapist. Check in at least once every day. Even better, twice a day in the morning and at night. Staying connected while you’re traveling is important not only for your sobriety but for your safety as well.

Getting to your destination can be a major stress trigger so be prepared by building in protections to lower travel stress. If you’re flying, booking a direct flight eliminates the fear of delays that may keep you from catching that connecting flight. Registering with TSA PreCheck to get a Known Traveler Number will help with getting through security. Train travel is a great way to go and so is choosing Business Class where the seats are comfortable and assigned. Double benefit is free Wifi so you can stay connected while you’re on your way.

Where you stay is as important as how you get there. Establishing a safe place to rest and refresh is key. What kind of place is going to meet your comfort level? Maybe you’re a cozy bed and breakfast type or prefer a larger arena that offers lots of amenities. Familiarize yourself with places online to see what is going to be the best fit for you and to steer clear of locations with a robust party culture. When you make your room reservation, request a quiet area and that the mini bar is cleared of all alcohol. Also confirm they have strong Wifi available before you book to ensure you can access online meetings.

Plan ahead for eating out. Have your mocktail research at the ready so you can order that non-alcoholic beverage when the time comes. There is no need for you to feel awkward or self-conscious about it. Mocktails are all the rage now and, quite frankly, it’s nobody’s business what you drink. Stick to your sobriety with pride.

If you are eager to travel but are anxious about potential pitfalls, a Sober Travel Companion could be the answer. Having someone with you who is experienced with traveling sober is a great option to ease that anxiety. Discreet and completely confidential, a Sober Travel Companion is someone who will be with you every step of the way while looking out for your sobriety. Knowing there’s someone with you who has your back is a great, safe, sober way to travel.

Where ever you decide to go there’s no reason not to have fun and adventure while keeping yourself and your sobriety safe. With support, research and planning, whether you’re with a group or exploring on your own, it’s a great time to get back out in the world.


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