It came on slowly, you hardly even noticed it at all, but things have started to pile up. You’re late to appointments, losing stuff, missing payment due dates. It’s become a struggle to accomplish seemingly simple day-to-day things and you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to keep it together. These can be signs of an Executive Function issue.

Your Executive Function skills help you plan, focus, and make the best use of your time. It’s the brain’s management system that enables you to prioritize, organize, and make the decisions that guide you through your day. If you’re having trouble focusing on what it is you need to do and things are slipping through the cracks maybe it’s time to get some help with sharpening these essential skills.

An Executive Function Coach can be the feet on the ground support you need. The catalyst to implement positive change by suggesting solutions and providing encouragement. Working with you to identify problem areas that need to be addressed, outlining short and long term goals and the steps you can take to achieve them are central to this coaching process. Your coach will also help you to identify your strengths and develop a plan to build on them to boost resolve and get on the path toward improving your everyday life.

Do you need support with getting up and out of bed, making it to work on time or finding a job? How about keeping up with mail and bills, or proper sleep hygiene and nutrition habits? Anything you struggle with can be addressed with your coach. Does the chaotic mess in your home seem so insurmountable that you don’t know where to begin? Having an orderly environment is key to supporting an orderly life and your coach can advise you on and guide you through the manageable steps to take to find that starting place.

Together you’ll tackle one concern at a time creating routines and systems for each issue to get them back in order. It may seem plodding and methodical at first but it’s important to acknowledge that multi-tasking is not a friend to those with Executive Function issues. A scheduling system will be put in place, determining whether it’s apps and online planners or old-school pen to paper that will be the best route for you to take for time management success. You’ll come up with manageable plans that will empower you to set and stick to routines and make sure everything that needs to be done is done.

For whatever aspect of your life you need set right an Executive Function Coach can help you identify, organize, plan, focus and follow through on the actions needed so you can get yourself back on track.

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