For most of us, engaging in physical activity is a part of our daily routine. But while you’re working out you may be missing an essential part of your body  – your brain! Just as we make every effort to get physical exercise every day, the same focus should be put on doing mental workouts. Proper cognitive function depends on keeping the mind sharp and active, especially as we age. And mental exercises can be fun! Playing games and getting involved in creative pastimes are a great way to activate your neuroplasticity.

What is neuroplasticity? It’s the brain’s power to rewire itself and make new connections in response to learning and stimulation. It’s the brain’s ability to change and grow and improve. And like your body, in order for it to change and grow and improve it needs an exercise routine. So let’s get to it and put that brain to work!

Now, just as you do at the gym, you’ll want to properly exercise both sides of your brain. Your right brain is creative, intuitive and artistic. Your left brain is logical, analytical and verbal. Choose activities that are new to you to kick-start the neuroplasticity process. And switch them up – it’s important to stretch your brain with a variety of games and activities.

Doing puzzles is a great way to start. Crossword puzzles engage your logic and verbal skills while jigsaw puzzles boost intuition and problem-solving skills. You can play cards, either alone or with friends. The strategy involved in the game boosts your memory and engages your analytical thinking. Playing chess is another great way to boost your memory. And it elevates your creative thinking while increasing your attention span.

Choose creative activities outside of your comfort zone. Research shows that “novelty, focused attention and challenge are essential components of enhancing cognitive function”. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, now’s the time to take up that challenge. Learning to play a musical instrument sharpens your focus. And when it comes to novelty, try juggling. Yes, juggling! Your focused attention really gets a work out when you juggle.

Scheduling a fun activity into your day is not only good for your brain health it’s great for your emotional health, too. So relax, have a fun workout, and exercise your brain.


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