Setting and reaching goals can be a daunting prospect. Easily dismissed by all kinds of reasons like never enough time or resources to plan them out or see them through. Getting started can be the hardest part, so let’s try looking at goals in a new light. Reframe how you see goal setting by switching the focus from long term life altering to short term life improving. Let’s make it fun.

Fun to dream about, fun to plan and most of all fun to achieve. Whether you’re new to the world of goal setting or looking to continue making positive change in your life, we’re all much more likely to follow through on things that excite us. Give your goal a timeline so you can see the beginning, middle and the end to challenge the notion that you don’t have the time to do something for yourself. And speak with a friend, relative or coach about being an accountability partner. They can give you the support and encouragement to visualize the completion of your goal which will make it much easier to get started.

Think of goal setting like going on a trip, short term and achievable. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself that can be an adventure to plan and execute? Long to dance, learn a language, knit? Any activity that motivates you is a great goal to start with. Set yourself up for success by making it simple and fun.

For example, you want to spend more time reading and less time on social media. Writing it down and plotting a route for your journey to establish the when, where and how your goal can be met makes it real. Avoid detours from your path if you’ll be reading on your device by using a time tracker to help resist the temptation to “check-in” on social media. Joining a book club or enlisting the support of a reading buddy can help hold you accountable if you find yourself wandering away from your goal.

An important element of reaching your goal is recognizing and challenging negative self-talk. Enlisting a practice of self-compassion will help you focus on achievement rather than perfection. Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s important to give your brain the time to adjust to your new way of life. Be kind to yourself by celebrating each accomplishment.

When you start with excitement goals can be set, planned and reached. Show yourself that you can realize success by changing your focus to fun. And that success will be the confidence booster you need to continue setting and achieving your life goals.

Need help getting started or planning and following through? Change is possible and an Accountability Coach can help you make your dreams your reality. They work with you to identify your goals, make a plan for how you’ll achieve them and provide the motivation for you to see them through. For information about how you, someone you know or someone you work with can benefit from Accountability Coaching go to our website or reach out directly to Cindy Feinberg, President of The Recovery Coach NY via phone or text at 631-921-4085 or via email here.

The Recovery Coach NY honors all paths of recovery with our years of experience and vast array of resources that can help those in need find the way to the life of joy and purpose they deserve. We come with an empathetic ear and solution-oriented actions that can begin to bring the relief you and your loved one seek.

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