September was established as National Recovery Month in 1989 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) “to increase public awareness of mental health and addiction recovery” while celebrating individuals in recovery. No matter where you are in your recovery journey your sobriety deserves celebrating which makes this the perfect time to applaud your community and yourself.

Being a part of a sober community is an integral part of continuing recovery so what better way to start celebrating than showing gratitude and giving back to those in your sober circle. If you participate in meetings, sharing your story can inspire others to continue on their journey. Be the one to bring the cake to thank your fellow members for their continuing support. Reach out to a new member with compassion and understanding and let them know you’re willing to hear their story. If your recovery has included the guidance of therapists, doctors or coaches, take the time to reach out and show them appreciation for their encouragement.

Recognize the friends and family who believed in you and continue to walk alongside you. Write letters to those who have inspired you to maintain your sobriety, expressing how much their support means to you. The delight of receiving a letter in the mail filled with heartfelt thanks is perhaps one of the greatest gifts your loved ones can receive. Make a call or set up a video chat to let them know how much you appreciate their care and concern. Invite them out to coffee, dinner or throw a party so everyone can get together and spend quality sober time together.

Honor what others have done for you by reaching out and being of service. Volunteer at a local shelter or visit a senior center to spend some time chatting with their residents. Contact public schools about doing lunch coverage or acquiring supplies for teachers and students. Giving back benefits you as much as those you commit to serve and allows you to spread the goodwill afforded to you out beyond your circle and into your community.

Most important of all, remember to thank yourself. Although there was care and assistance along the way ultimately you are the one who made the decision to choose life over substance misuse. Do something fun, something you’ve wanted to do but have been putting off for one reason or another. It could be anything from fly fishing to trapeze classes to getting a massage and a good night’s sleep. Whatever you want to do to celebrate that you have chosen to live your best life.

If you’ve been thinking about starting, or are struggling with, your sobriety there’s no shame in asking for help. All journeys start with a first step and whether it’s a new path or getting back on the one you strayed from taking that step is celebration in and of itself. Cindy and her team of Recovery Coaches and Companions are here to help you find the right path to the life you deserve, filled with joy and purpose. For information about our recovery services contact Cindy directly at 631-921-4085 or

The Recovery Coach NY honors all paths to recovery and provides Individual and Family Coaching, Companions & Safe Transport, Intervention and emergency services for you and your loved ones. We bring years of experience and a vast array of resources with an empathetic ear and solution-oriented actions so you can begin to realize the relief you and your loved ones seek. For more information and additional services, go to our website.


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