recoverySobriety and recovery is remarkable. While there are many reasons to love and embrace recovery, we’ve decided to name some of the top reasons we think recovery is amazing.

  1. Memory returns

The days of foggy memories are gone. With sobriety comes the ability to show up for life, the ability to walk through difficult situations. Waking up and remembering everything that happened the night before, is a great reward in recovery.

  1. Financial security

No more trying to guess where all of the receipts came from. By working with a sober companion, anyone can work through spending issues and learn how to budget for the future. In addition, all of the drinking money is now saved. Rejoice in saving alcohol money, and investing it in health and well being.

  1. Never have a hangover

Life without hangovers is a huge bonus for newly sober individuals. The ability to wake up with a clear mind, sets the tone for the rest of the day. Becoming more alert is an added benefit, rather than being forced to live the day in a fog. A life with no hangovers allows for a more successful daily living, focusing on positivity rather than stuck in negativity.

  1. Better relationships

As recovery happens, relationships begin to heal. Being sober, allows for real, honest relationships to form and thrive in a new setting and level of awareness. Although there are many challenges with regaining trust in the beginning, overtime long, loving lasting relationships are created when you stay sober.

  1. More energy and fewer health issues

Drinking and using wreaks havoc on the alcoholic/addict’s body. Major emotional and physical issues are present while the addict-alcoholic is active. If these issues are not addressed, they compound. Fortunately, in recovery working with a team of mental health professionals, sober companions and doctors helps to begin to alleviate the damage caused by using. In the process, gaining more energy from working on these issues becomes easier, and a happy, joyful life is waiting to be had.

These top issues are a big part of why our team loves what we do. We enjoy watching people recover from the disease and tragic damages of alcoholism/addiction the mind and body. Let The Recovery Coach NY help with whatever struggles you face- so you are able to be happy, joyous and free!