We’ve all heard the benefits of practicing meditation and most of us rationalize not practicing by saying we don’t have the time or we can’t stay that still for that long. How about if we look at meditation in a different light – a moving light. What if we open ourselves up to the possibility that we can be mindful and meditate anywhere, any time. By being mindful of what we’re doing when we run off to that appointment or tackle that next chore, we can connect our thoughts to our actions and reap the benefits of meditation.

And as a reminder, here’s some of those benefits of practicing mindful meditation. There’s a centering that occurs, which allows you to gain a fresh perspective on your stressors which allows you to develop the skills to handle them better. Patience and tolerance increase as negativity decreases. Your concentration improves along with the ability to accept yourself, and others, with more kindness and compassion.

Who doesn’t want that, right? As you move through your day is your mind on what you’re doing or are you thinking of everything that needs to happen, has happened, may happen? How do you think your attitude would change, your stress levels lessen if instead of mentally running through the to-do list while you’re doing your laundry, or on the way to work, you focused just on doing the laundry, on traveling to work? What if you allow your body and your mind to synchronize, focus on the task at hand, and actually be in the moment.

Try incorporating a practice of mindfulness meditation as you go about your day. By concentrating on what you’re doing you can slow down the griping and chatter in your head and replace it with acknowledgement and gratitude. Rather than grumbling over laundry as a frightful yet necessary chore, focus on how fortunate you are to have the resources and opportunity to do the wash and have clean clothes when you’re done.

While you’re traveling to work, instead of allowing yourself to be filled with stress about the big meeting appreciate the journey to get there. Notice the changing landscape as you go by – is that a new shop, a flowering garden? Did the rain let up, sun now shining through? By having a heightened sense of awareness of the world around you and focusing on the good in this seemingly mundane routine you can reduce your anxiety and calm your nervous system.

Sitting and contemplating your navel isn’t for everyone. By shifting our consciousness and realizing that meditation isn’t just being cross legged on a pillow we can experience a whole new world of mindfulness that can ease our way. Being engaged in the moment and in touch with ourselves here, and now, is a meditation. By engaging your mind and body as one, you are meditating.

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