Recovery Coach ~ New York


A bout. Cindy Feinberg, CPC specializes in private, confidential and personal life and recovery coaching for individuals in myriad stages of recovery. With over 25-years in the recovery community, training and education in recovery, and her work as a Board Member and volunteer for women in need, Cindy offers her clients her skills, expertise, time and compassion. 
S ervices. Our team approach to sobriety and recovery includes support, the integration of tools which support a client’s physical and emotional well-being; budgetary management; 24-hour crisis support; guidance in career management, academic pursuits and other professional related matters; and, addressing triggers, while creating tools, to help the recovering client learn to manage the stress and the frustrations of his or her everyday life.
P hilosphy: Our philosophy at Recovery Coach New York is that all clients deserve to live a life of wellness and happiness and to engage in the relationships, the work, and the effort that will deliver to them serenity, happiness and health.

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