You’re going about your day, minding your own business when wham! All of a sudden a trigger pops up. They can jump out at you from anywhere, turning a perfectly pleasant time into one fraught with tension and anxiety.

Whether it’s from substance misuse or behavioral misuse like gambling, gaming, shopping, eating or social media, triggers are a part of recovery. And the trouble with triggers is you don’t always know where they’re going to be or when they’ll happen. They’re a one-two punch of situational and emotional reactions you have when someplace, someone or something brings you back to the memories of when you were misusing. Selective memories highlighting the seemingly good times you had and conveniently omitting the consequences you faced as the result.

Your first inclination may be to put up a fierce battle to drive them out of your mind. That resistance can be futile, succeeding only in increasing their influence. Instead, think of them differently by reframing them into momentary thoughts that require no action. As kids we were taught that if we catch on fire to stop, drop and roll. This catchy phrase for the potentially lifesaving tool was chosen because it is an easy way to remember the instructions in a time of panic. It’s a safety technique you can also use to fend off those panicky feelings when triggers appear:

Creating a new habit of accepting and releasing when triggers appear will help keep them in check, and allow you to build the courage to stop, drop and roll right through them.


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