The post-holiday blahs can set in pretty quickly at the start of the new year. Feeling blue after the rush of the holidays is totally normal and it’s OK to take some time to adjust and settle back into your non-holiday routine. However, having activities planned for when you’re feeling down can pull you out of your slump.

Staying busy takes your mind off of being gloomy. This is a time of year when many volunteer opportunities are available. Check out your local food bank or animal shelter to see where you can be of service. Retirement homes can also be in need of visitors for the elderly who may be feeling down. Helping others helps you to lift your mood.

Maybe more of an anti-activity, stay away from social media for a while. Reliving the holiday by viewing everyone’s posts can make this time of year feel more like a let down. Spend your time instead doing something enjoyable for yourself like reading a book or calling a friend to meet for coffee or a movie. Pamper yourself with a massage or yoga class.

Reentry can be tough, so take it slow and easy and focus on the good. It will allow you to transition much more smoothly into the new year.

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