Celebrate your sobriety by creating new celebrations. It can be fun to take the initiative, inviting friends and family to join you in activities that can be enjoyed by all. You’ll be creating new traditions and new memories not only for yourself but for others as well. And in this season of giving, that’s a great gift to give.

#1: Have A Mocktail Party

Mocktails are all the rage, so why not celebrate alcohol free beverages by inviting friends over for a BYOJ – Bring your Own Juice party. Stock up with your own varieties of mixers and fruit & veggie garnishes so you and your guests can have a ball crafting different combinations with whatever everyone brings. Have plenty of cups on hand, there will be lots of creations to sample.

#2: Have A Potluck Supper

What better way for you and your friends to show off your signature dishes! For a fun and eclectic get together, ask your guests to bring their specialty to share with the crowd. In addition to your own special dish you can make a batch of a holiday non-alcoholic drink like cider, cocoa or sparkling juice that will add a festive touch to your event.

#3: Have An Outdoor Adventure

Invite adventurous friends and family to join you on a hike through local trails or parks. Winter beach walks are bracing and exhilarating. If the weather cooperates have a snowball fight or find a hill for sledding. Grab a ball and invite the group over for a pick-up game. And a post-activity event with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages is a great way for everyone to end their day.

#4: Have A Movie Marathon Open House

What a wonderful way to get through your favorite holiday movies in one day! Select your own and ask friends which holiday movies are their favorites to plan your viewing in advance. Make a movie schedule and put it on the invitation so guests can come for the movie(s) they want to see or they can start at the beginning and spend the day enjoying them all with you.

#5: Have A Game Night

Board games, card games, video games – all make for an exciting night of friendly competition. Host with your own favorites or invite friends and family to bring their selections. Research and get one of the new popular games so you and your guests can all learn how to play together. Enjoyable for all ages, this is a terrific way to get the kids in your life involved in a fun group activity.


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