There’s someone in your life who’s showing classic signs of drug and alcohol misuse. You’re worried about them but don’t know what to do. You’ve tried talking to them, telling them you’ve noticed a change and asking if they’re OK. Their defensive, angry reaction made you even more worried, fearful that if you try again they’ll shut you down and push you away.

An Intervention may be your best next step. You’ve heard about them but have no idea how to do it. You think this may be the best support you can give them but you need support to make it happen. With years of experience working with friends and families who are concerned for their loved ones who are stuck in a cycle of substance misuse the team at The Recovery Coach NY has your back.

Our style of Intervention is not what you may have seen on TV. We don’t believe in ambushing or betraying the identified patient, loving kindness is our overarching message to keep the family intact. We work with you every step of the way to hold an Intervention that can be the beginning of your loved one’s road to recovery.

It starts with the planning. First step is working together to identify goals and expectations for the Intervention. Information is gathered about your loved one including the extent of their misuse and possible treatment programs that may be best for them. A plan to get them to treatment is developed and it’s agreed that it’s imperative that no one involved can tell your loved one that an Intervention is in the works.

Next step is forming the Intervention Team. This team actively participates in the Intervention, presenting as a united front with a solid message of treatment for your loved one. In addition to defining their own consequences to be implemented if the treatment plan is not accepted, they write a personal message to read to your loved one. This gives everyone the opportunity to let your loved one know how their actions make them feel and how it affects them.

With the preparations firmly in place, the next step is conducting the Intervention which is supervised and moderated by The Recovery Coach NY. Without telling them why, your loved one is asked to come to the Intervention location at the set date and time. During the Intervention the members of the team take turns reading their personal messages and expressing their concerns. Then the treatment option is presented and your loved one is asked to accept it right then and there. If they agree, the pre-set plan to take them to treatment will be carried out immediately. If they do not agree, each team member will take a turn outlining what consequences they will face and what specific changes will be made if they don’t accept treatment.

There are no guaranteed outcomes to an Intervention and having a post-Intervention plan, whether it was successful or not, is an essential part of the process. Engaging the loved one’s friends and family in follow-up is critical in helping them either stay in treatment if they agree to go or finding an alternative recovery plan if they don’t. The Recovery Coach NY supports you through all stages of follow-up care as you navigate through this emotionally exhausting time. By working as a team, we can all get through this together.

If you want to learn more about our process, feel free to reach out to Cindy Feinberg, President and Founder of The Recovery Coach NY via phone or text at 631-921-4085 or email at [email protected]


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The Recovery Coach NY has years of experience and a vast array of resources that can help those in need find the path to the life they deserve, filled with joy and purpose. We come with an empathetic ear and solution-oriented actions that can begin to bring the relief you and your loved one seek.


You can reach out to Cindy Feinberg, President of The Recovery Coach NY via:

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