Have you ever listened to a podcast where the host asks the guest a question, and the guest speaks – but doesn’t answer the question? That’s because the guest isn’t listening. Instead of focusing on their host and engaging in an actual conversation they just go ahead and talk about whatever is on their mind.

Are you an active listener? Do you really pay attention to what others are saying and reply on topic? Listening is a valuable skill and integral to forming meaningful relationships. When you give your full attention to the person speaking to you it creates an enjoyable experience for them. They feel heard, respected and valued. Active listening is the root of successful communication.

You can start honing your listening skills by focusing on being in the moment, being with the person who’s speaking. We all can get distracted by our own thoughts or by what’s going on around us. Concentrate on being present, take in what the other person is saying and resist the temptation to plan ahead in your head what you’re going to say in response.

Practice patience. Allow the other person the time to finish what they are saying even if they take a brief pause. That momentary stop doesn’t necessarily mean that they have finished their thought. Refrain from interrupting and jumping in and instead show them that you’re listening with a smile and a nod.

You’ve focused on the speaker and were engaged in their message. Now you’re properly informed and all set to intelligently discuss the topic with them. Do you have a question? A comment? It’s your turn to speak and continue the conversation.

Whether it’s one-on-one or in a group setting, when someone is speaking put yourself in their shoes. When you have something to say you feel is important, you want others to hear you and respect what you’re saying. Extend that same courtesy to others and you’ll find engaging with others much more fulfilling.

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