Does it seem that your adolescent kids have disappeared? Always in their room, tucked away on their phones or devices constantly posting and gaming. Kids had to rely completely on a virtual connection during the Covid lockdown to stay in touch with friends and attend class. Now that they’re back to in-person school, when they’re home they may still spend all their time online.

School lets out soon (if it hasn’t let out already). Summer’s coming up and this year we can actually get out and enjoy it. What does your child have planned for the months ahead?

If it’s round the clock gaming and posting, it’s going to be a long summer. Staying inside online all day is not beneficial for them, emotionally or physically. With no school to attend, your kids can become totally absorbed in living online. This can result in spending less time with the family, not joining in on meals or activities. Or when they do grudgingly shuffle in, they don’t lift their head up from their phone long enough to see what it is they’re there to do.

It may feel to them like they’re connecting with others by posting and messaging, but the fact is they’re still sitting all alone. That’s very isolating. And all that sitting! Their thumbs may get a workout, but that’s all the exercise they get.

So what to do. You can start by scheduling no phone family time. It can be a meal, a game night – start with game hour if you’re met with resistance. Organize an outing, a hike or a picnic at the local playground. Get the neighbor families involved and organize a front yard block party so all the kids can get outside together. The important thing is to carve out some time for activities away from electronic devices for your child.

For fun away from the family, you can look into summertime programs at a community center or pool for the kids to participate in. Check to see that device free activities are available. You also may consider having a coach to work with them once or twice a week. Sometimes having another adult encouraging and promoting device-free outdoor interests can be just the ticket to get your child in the summer nature spirit.

Adolescents were thrust into an incomprehensible situation where they were stuck indoors, cast a drift in their own homes for two years. Unfortunately this became a habit, and now that they can go back out they may be reluctant to go. Getting out for fun and not just for school could be the best thing for your child’s psyche and give them back that sense of fun and adventure.

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