When you begin on the path to recovery it can be a scary time. Emotionally and physically shaky, your world turned upside down when you realized you needed help. You made that 1st great step, entering a treatment facility to gain access to the tools you needed to achieve and sustain sobriety. When you’re there your days are structured, filled with group, therapy and new sober friends. Then your time there is done and out you go. Back into the real world, back to your old world. How will you cope?

With help. Engaging a Sober Coach or Companion for aftercare support can be an essential key to continuing the sobriety you achieved while in treatment. These professionals have been there, know what you’re going through and can support and encourage you on your sobriety journey. A treatment center is a safe world while life outside can be filled with booby traps and loopholes. By utilizing the care and expertise of either a Coach or a Companion you can be guided through the maze of creating and living a life that is substance free.

A Sober Companion will be with you 24/7, or scheduled to stay for overnights or days only. A Sober Coach is engaged in hourly shifts, meeting daily or on assigned days during the week. Whether you choose a Companion or a Coach depends on the level of the support you need. They both will work in conjunction with your team – your doctor, your therapist, everyone who is pulling for you to succeed. By everyone working in tandem, the best route for your journey can be determined and acted on.

Recovery Coaches and Companions can mentor you. They’ll be a model of sober behavior, a solid example of how good sobriety can be. They can listen with an empathetic ear and provide strength-based counsel. There are triggers all around, some so hidden you don’t see them until they hit you in the face. They can help you to acknowledge and eradicate those obstacles before they have a chance to knock into you.

Coaches and Companions support you in all areas of your life. The fallout from substance use can seem too overwhelming to tackle, but together you can map out a plan to pull yourself back together. They can sweep through your home, removing substances and paraphernalia you may have hidden for later use. They can guide you through returning to work or finding a new job. It can be tough to reconnect with family and build a sober circle of friends. A Coach or Companion is there for you to help you through all of it. They have the experience and resources to set you on those right paths while reinforcing tools and techniques to help you deal with the stressors of doing it.

Those stressors can also be significantly reduced by forming healthy habits. Proper nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene are all vital parts of the healing process. You and your Coach can devise meal plans and a food expense budget. You can exercise together, hitting the gym, going for a hike or attending a yoga class. Coaches and Companions are well versed in mindfulness techniques and by working together you’ll be able to find the one that speaks to you.

And what about getting out and about? For whichever sobriety support group you decide to attend your Coach or Companion can recommend options and go to meetings with you. They’ll also know a great variety of sober activities for you to begin to explore. You’d be surprised how many sober social gatherings are available if you just look for them. They will be aware of not only what’s going on in the sober world, but where to look for any upcoming events that may interest you.

Recovery Coaches and Companions encourage you to take small steps to achieve the big picture. They’re there for you. They listen. They create a safe place for you to develop and strengthen your powers of decision making and problem solving. They steer you toward identifying and achieving your goals. They bolster your resolve to cut ties with your using past and embolden you to create a clean new future.


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