“Can I call you back? I’m running out the door”

 “Nothing’s wrong. Really, I’m fine”

 “I only had couple of beers”

Common, everyday lies. Little white lies, lies that couldn’t possibly hurt anyone, right? We all do it, from avoiding talking to someone we don’t want to talk to to embellishing our resumes. We’ve all been told that honesty is the best policy and yet we can find ourselves lying to enhance our situation or to get out of a jam. If you say you’re not a liar, you’re lying.

But why? It’s fear. We’re afraid to expose our true self. We’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. We want to be liked, to be perceived as friendly and smart. We’re afraid others won’t like us, that they won’t think we’re nice or worth their time. We’re afraid of getting into trouble. We’ve done something wrong and don’t want to get yelled at. We say we finished something we were supposed to do but it’s not done. So we lie about it.

And one lie can lead to another lie and that can create more fear. Fear of being found out, of not remembering what you lied about or who you lied to. It’s exhausting to come from a place of fear. To constantly believe that we have to make up a perception of ourselves that we think others will like. That make-believe world we have in our heads about how life is supposed to be. The constant pressure of social media, where everyone seems to be presenting their life as perfect – how are we possibly going to measure up to that? When we don’t have the confidence to just roll the dice and be ourselves, that fear is what drives our life, and our lies.

There is good fear, the kind of fear that keeps you safe. It’s the bad fear that encourages your insecurities and leads you down the road of deceit and misrepresentation. Why not be brave, consider choosing to embolden yourself and tell the truth. You can’t go wrong with the truth. Whatever the situation, the truth is the shortest line between your troubles and your peace.


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