She had watched her mother have a 5 o’clock cocktail her entire life, but didn’t realize Mom had a problem until one morning when she caught her having vodka in her mug instead of coffee when she finally got up at 11am.

Alcoholism in seniors exhibits itself in two ways: long time users whose drinking habit accelerates later in life, and late onset users who turn to alcohol as they get older. Aging brings on life changes that some find difficult to handle. Empty nest syndrome, the loss of loved ones, an idle retirement can all precipitate an increase in drinking to self medicate as a way of relieving loneliness and fear.

The risks of excessive drinking are magnified as we age. Alcohol sensitivity in the brain increases while the body’s ability to metabolize it decreases.

“What’s that bruise on your arm?” she asked. “Nothing, I don’t remember, stop bothering me!” Mom irritably replied.

Fall risk becomes greater, memory becomes vaguer and tempers can flare. Feeling the need to isolate more as they retreat further into the bottle are all warning signs that your loved one has developed a dangerous and destructive habit.

“Mom, I’m worried, let me help,” she pleaded. And she heard what every concerned child dreads. “I’m fine, leave me alone!”

Habits can be hard to change for all of us. Seniors can find it especially difficult when under the influence, their depression accelerated by the alcohol. Combined with an “I’m the elder you can’t tell me what to do” attitude can make it especially frustrating to help a loved one get the support they need.

Support comes in all forms, and The Recovery Coach NY has years of experience and a vast array of resources that can help those in need find the path to the life they deserve, filled with joy and purpose. We come with an empathetic ear and solution oriented actions that can begin to bring the relief you and your loved one seek.

“Mom, I have someone I think you should talk to, someone who understands what you’re going through. Won’t you please help me to help you?”

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